Apple Days

The Apple Days in Brightwell cum Sotwell are well known locally but we have also welcomed visitors from towns and villages from as far away as Reading, Wantage and Oxford. After Waterperry Gardens, we are certainly the biggest and best Apple Day in Oxfordshire.

Each year retired fruit farmer, Paul Chilton, produces a staggering display of just some of the 101 traditional heritage varieties of apples and pears all grown in the parish. There are always different varieties to taste as well!

We press apples using the village kit - a crusher and hydro press - to make juice. Visitors bring their bottles and containers to fill up directly from the press to take home. The press keeps going for four hours with each blend of varieties making the juice taste distinctly different.  

Children have a great time too. Lobbing apples into the crusher, loading the press with all the mashed stuff and filling their cups when the juice all oozed out. There are apple games as well; obviously apple bobbing and pin the maggot on the apple plus making apples on a stick to coat in melted chocolate and decorate them with sprinkles and marshmallows - chocolate faces all round.