About us

The Brightwell Village Orchard Group was set up in autumn 2009 with the aim to plant a new community orchard in the village for everyone to enjoy.

Following the results of the Environment Group survey in 2009, which highlighted what an extraordinary number of heritage varieties we have in the village and the successful Apple Days, it was clear that there is an enthusiasm amongst villagers for the future of our orchards and fruit trees.

There are a few remnants of old orchards around the village which are being grubbed up for house building; this is sad but it is the unfortunate fate of trees on private land.  It was decided that now would be the perfect time to plant a new orchard which would be accessible to all, provide a wildlife habitat traditionally associated with orchards, help to ensure that heritage varieties are preserved for the future and serve as a way to continue the history of fruit growing in the village.

We are enthusiasts rather than experts and plan to increase awareness and support for the orchard with enjoyable events such as Apple Day, Wassail, scything, pruning classes and Blossom Picnics.

The community orchard of 45 trees was planted by villagers in November 2014.

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Our Constitution is available here