23 August 2023

And so the new season starts

We have picked our first apples! Laxton's Fortune from one of the old orchards in the village. A very pleasing sight but this is one of just a few trees that are cropping this year.

We had such a mass of apples in 2022 we were able to keep the press going for 5 hours on Apple Day.

Why such a patchy harvest? Paul Chilton, our retired fruit farmer and apple expert, shrugs and says that some years this happens. We had two cold spells in December and January, a dry February, a wet March, plenty of promising blossom in May, no late frosts and a warm June.

Last year the trees cropped heavily but they are hardy and there isn't a guarantee that this is the cause. Who knows? Fingers crossed.

Our first apples - Laxton's Fortune

Spartan apple variety
Spartan - looking hopeful