12 April 2023

Do you want to plant a Community Orchard? We can help

Our Community Orchard of 45 trees was planted in 2014 and over the years we have shared our knowledge and experience with other villages and communities in the local area.

The orchard has been a wonderful success and clearly more and more communities are planting orchards, some large and some very small. We would be happy to give you advice about:

  • your proposed site and its suitability
  • how to prepare the site
  • heritage apple, pear and plum varieties
  • pot grown or bare root trees
  • tree suppliers
  • tree protection options
  • fundraising suggestions

Hit and miss, lesson learned, hindsight, wish we had thought about that - we'd be happy to help.

Contact us by email for more information - villageorchardgroup@gmail.com