6 February 2021

Clearing the ash trees in the Swan Wood

 The orchard is planted on land between the allotments and the recreation ground. Next to it is Swan Wood, an area of woodland left to look after itself. It has a lot of ash trees, both young trees just 2-5 years old and larger trees which would be 20 years old.

Unfortunately, the younger ash trees have succumbed to ash die back and so the village Environment Group decided that now would be the right time to selectively clear the ash and replant the wood with native trees such as oak, beech, birch, chestnut and walnut with an understory of holly, spindleberry and other species.

Contractors cleared the site and the area has been seeded with a wildflower mix for the summer. In winter 2021/2022 villagers will be able to plant a tree and celebrate the new beginnings for the wood.

The woodland after cutting the ash

Ash trunks to take away