26 November 2014

Select your tree

There will be 45 trees in the orchard and already a lot of villagers have signed up to plant one.  Take a look at who will be digging this weekend.

Myron Edwards and Veronica Wood
Jen Lovering
Claire Lynch
Hanna Ball
Sue Myatt
Kate Winfield
Ron Wood
Stewart Village Hall Trustees
Red Lion
Linda Dixon and family
Allan and Katherine Hutchinson
Jane Davies and friends
Tony Debney and family
Alison, John and Lizzie Bloomfield
Alex Prain and family
Andrea Frost and family
Bell Ringers
John and Jaqui Calvert
Alison Hedges
Trevor Wintle
Karin Matthews
Sandra Grainge and family
Sue Robson
Helen and Chris Baines and family

Felicity and John Peach and family
Neville Burt
John Mangion
Gina Coupar
Stephen Capel-Davies
Rhod Baker and Josh
Beavers and parents
Nick Spence and family
All Sorts Pre-School
Jeremy Whetter and family
Brightwell School Classes - Bramley, Russet, Discovery, Pippin and Worcester
Tom Cottrell and family