9 September 2014

The Danes are doing it

We were lucky enough to spend an evening tasting cider with Andrew Lea in Little Wittenham last week. Andrew is considered to be one of the most well respected craft cider makers in the country and, as we discovered, around the world! Andrew gave us a cider brewed in Denmark to try - Koelster. It is produced by Per Koelster - www.koelster.dk/cider/ - using apples grown in Rodding, a small village in the northwest Jutland.

The link? Andrew explained that Kristian Ahm Hansen visited him from Denmark in February to ask his advice about making cider. Kristian is a member of a group of enthusiasts who are also planting a community orchard but theirs is on a completely different scale. Whereas we are planting an orchard within our village with just 35 trees they take a different approach. The whole of the village of Rodding will be one big orchard with about a thousand trees planted in gardens, parks and open spaces!

Maybe they would like to come to our Apple Day.