21 September 2014

Nelsons Natural World

We are familiar with Dr Edward Bach and his work at Vernon House and certainly there can't be many people who haven't heard about his famous Bach's Rescue Remedy.  People might not know who actually makes the remedies and where.  Surely they aren't made in the village?

Nelsons Natural World owns the Remedies and amazingly, still sources the flowers and vital ingredients from the garden at Vernon House.  I can thoroughly recommend a visit to Vernon House and a tour of the garden by Emma Wood.  She will explain all about the flowers and the history of the remedies.  Certainly, visitors to the house come from all over the world - listed in the visitors book were Brazil, Norway, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Japan - and that was just within one month!

We are really pleased to receive a very generous donation of £500 to the community orchard from Emma Wright, Assistant Education Manager at Nelson.