4 October 2013

Why not hire the Village Press?

Now that the season is well under way why not hire the Village Press and make your own juice at home?  It is very easy and can be an excuse for a fun morning or afternoon with family or friends. All the equipment you need is supplied and we show you how to use it.

The hydro press can produce juice in just 15 minutes; the crusher plups the apples in a flash.  If you want to pasteurise the juice, so that it keeps for up to a year, you can buy the green bottles and caps from Vigo Presses - www.vigopresses.co.uk.  Alternatively, you can fill up plastic bottles and freeze them; a great treat in the winter months.

The cost of the hire is £30.  Contact Robert Field 01491 836275 or Doug Miles 01491 839896.