11 September 2020

Apple Weekend - Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October - 10.00-16.00

Everyone has been asking about Apple Day and so this year we will be having a Weekend Festival on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th  October from 10.00 am - 4.00 pm.

Paul Chilton will set out his giant display of over 80 different apple varieties in front of the Village Hall. He will be able to tell you about all the different apples and when they are perfect to pick.

You can then follow a trail around the village looking for apples. Each house or orchard on the trail will put out a box of apples of the variety that grows in their garden. You can read all about each one and add it to your list.

Back at the Village Hall there will be lots of different heritage varieties for you to choose and take home.

The Apple Trail map will be ready to download here from 1 October 
or you can collect a paper copy at the village hall on the day.


10 September 2020

Make your own apple juice or cider

 Why not make your own apple juice!

If you would like to make your own apple juice why not hire the village press? We supply all the equipment you require - barrels, crushers, press, buckets, scoop; all you need are the apples and bottles. 

You could join in with friends who have trees, or neighbours who would like to help out? As a guide, about 4 Tesco bags for life will fill the press.

To book the press email brightwellorchardpresshire@gmail.com. It's great fun!

9 September 2020

Scything the wildflowers

 Did you see the wildflowers this summer? There were some lovely varieties and grew waist high. At the end of the summer we scythed the orchard using traditional wood Austrian scythes. A gang of volunteers took just two hours to mow it all and kept an eye out for the occasional toad and frog and even a very small vole.

15 August 2020

The first apples are ready !

 Have you started to notice the apples growing in gardens and old orchards in the village? 

Yes, the season has kicked off with Beauty of Bath in Church Lane. Discovery is such a bright, almost fluorescent pink that it is the easiest to see over walls and hedges. Tydeman's Early Worcester is an acquired taste but Scrumptious is as good as it sounds.

Have a stroll through the village orchard soon. The trees are laden, so much so that some of them have branches that are touching the ground.

Discovery, Brightwell cum Sotwell

Discovery, Brightwell cum Sotwell

31 July 2020

Spring blossom and summer wildflowers

You can see by the amount of apples on the trees that it is going to be a bumper harvest this autumn because we there was so much blossom in spring.

The wildflowers beneath the trees were fabulous.  Have a walk or have a picnic on the benches or play among the flowers and watch the fruit grow.

2 February 2020

The trees are ready for spring

The trees are looking really good. They were easy to prune into shape and we can already see that there are plenty of fruit buds. Paul says there will be a good harvest this year. Other pleasing signs of spring were daffodils, cowslips, snowdrops and violets. Fingers crossed.

13 October 2019

New members keen to get on board

We had a very enjoyable time at the Community Association Get Involved event in the Village Hall. Quite a few people signed up to join the group which was great.

Our next task will be to prune the trees themselves but also to seriously prune back the hedge along Mackney Lane and the hawthorn hedge between the orchard and the allotments.

This needs to be done in the winter so we will email everyone with the date and times and equipment required. As usual, once all the work has been done we will celebrate at the Red Lion.