31 July 2020

Spring blossom and summer wildflowers

You can see by the amount of apples on the trees that it is going to be a bumper harvest this autumn because we there was so much blossom in spring.

The wildflowers beneath the trees were fabulous.  Have a walk or have a picnic on the benches or play among the flowers and watch the fruit grow.

2 February 2020

The trees are ready for spring

The trees are looking really good. They were easy to prune into shape and we can already see that there are plenty of fruit buds. Paul says there will be a good harvest this year. Other pleasing signs of spring were daffodils, cowslips, snowdrops and violets. Fingers crossed.

13 October 2019

New members keen to get on board

We had a very enjoyable time at the Community Association Get Involved event in the Village Hall. Quite a few people signed up to join the group which was great.

Our next task will be to prune the trees themselves but also to seriously prune back the hedge along Mackney Lane and the hawthorn hedge between the orchard and the allotments.

This needs to be done in the winter so we will email everyone with the date and times and equipment required. As usual, once all the work has been done we will celebrate at the Red Lion.

No apples for Apple Day this year

Has anyone noticed that there aren't many apples in the village? It has been a very strange year. The trees in village gardens and old orchards are usually groaning with fruit. One garden has about 35 trees, all old varieties, and only one tree, the Spartan, had a crop.

Those apples that are around have codling moth and are a bit scabby. Maybe it was the warm and dry summer or maybe there was a late frost. One person suggested that Wassail hadn't done the trick this year.

So Apple Day will have to skip a year and return, hopefully, in 2020.

26 August 2019

Scything in the orchard

We had a really great morning scything the orchard. Have a look at the before and after team photos to see just how high the wildflower meadow was. We'd like to thank Paul, Mike and Matthew from the Earth Trust for all their help.  Also thank you Trevor and Tony, even though he was multi-tasking raking and listening to the cricket! We also had very efficient young helpers who were fantastic.

26 May 2019

The wildflowers are knee high

Just a few of the lovely wildflowers in the orchard today.

Bird's Foot Trefoil

Common Vetch

Red Campion

Red Campion

Ragged Robin

Bird's Foot Trefoil and Common Vetch

11 May 2019

Picnics in the orchard

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the orchard.  Two picnic tables and benches have been installed in the middle of the trees.  Hopefully, villagers will enjoy spending time in the orchard throughout the seasons. Thank you Paul and Ed for all your hard work.