17 February 2024

New trees for an old orchard

We have been very lucky to be able to plant new trees in one of the oldest orchards in the village. This orchard has big trees more than 100 years old which still bear fruit each autumn. Sadly, two of the huge Blenheim Orange trees have suffered this winter and are leaning over probably due to the ground being so wet and some strong winds this winter. But they will be fine as long as they still have strong roots in the ground.

Six new trees were planted: 3 plum, 2 apple and one pear. With luck they will thrive and grow to be 100 years old as well.

The new trees are: Victoria plum, Oullins Golden Gage, Kirks Blue plum; Kid's Orange Red, Herefordshire Russet; and Concord pear.

100 year old Blenheim Orange trees

A leaning Blenheim Orange 

Just 5 more holes to dig

Each tree has been lined up to each row

Vital guard dog!