30 December 2023

Continuing the heritage of the village

The Orchard Group project this winter to provide apple and pear trees for villagers to plant in their gardens was a great success. We will now have fruit trees in new parts of the village - Greenmere, High Road, Kings Orchard, Little Martins, West End, Bakers Lane, Church Lane and overlooking St James's churchyard.

Paul Chilton has chosen old varieties like Rosemary Russet (1831) as well as new ones like Elstar (2011). Modern varieties will be the heritage varieties of the future and these trees could live for 50 years or more. Some orchards in the village have trees that are over 100 years old.

When we did a survey in 2009 we counted over 400 trees in people's gardens and old orchards. You could say the village is one big orchard and we live among the trees.

These are the varieties we are adding to the village. 

Elstar 1972
Rosemary Russet 1831
Rosette 2011
Scrumptious 1980
Arthur Turner 1915
Surprize 2017
James Grieve 1893
Sunset 1918
Red Windsor 1985
Herefordshire Russet 2000
Fiesta 1972

Invincible (pear) 1864

The only request is that the new grower provides 4 apples from the tree for Paul Chilton's display at Apple Day!

The new trees ready to plant in the village

Rosette apple variety - Greenmere
New apple tree in Greenmere - variety Rosette