7 January 2018

6th Annual Wassail

Sotwell hosts one of the largest Wassail processions in Oxfordshire and this year's activities were as lively and wacky as ever. Wassailers met at the Red Lion for a 3 pm start and lots of villagers and their friends remembered to bring something to blow or bang - this was most definitely a hit with the younger ones!

The Wassail procession visited several orchards large and small, old and new. At each orchard bread dipped in cider was hung in the apple trees to feed the Robin, the good spirit of the orchard.  The trees were woken up in time for Spring by beating the trunks with willow sticks. It was most important to drive off the bad spirits of the orchard by producing lots of noise to scare them away - pots, pans, bells, horns and of course shotgun blasts through the trees.  And fireworks of course!

master of ceremonies for wassail in oxfordshire shotgun blasts to scare the evil spirits in brightwell cum sotwell

wassailing in oxfordshire

wassail in the orchards

The procession ended at the Stewart Village Hall with children's dances, songs and a display by the magnificent Armaleggan Border Dancers.

armaleggan border dancers at wassail 2018

wassail fire dancers wassail 2018

man with fire brand stick for dancing

border dancers in fire dance red lion brightwell cum sotwell

fireworks in orchards wassail procession

In the evening there was a new celebration; a Wassail Dance.

The Band from Rockall lead the dances (one of the UK's youngest and most fabulous Ceilidh groups and not to missed). They included many traditional Gaelic songs and more modern numbers to get us dancing.

At one point during the evening our very own Brightwell Village Mummers’ Players burst in to entertain us with this year's play.

Mark Brock (Red Lion) provided the fully licensed bar and great food included dishes with an "orchard" theme.

This year donations from the Wassail festivities were collected for refurbishment of the village playgrounds and for Maeve's Magical Journey.

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