23 October 2016

Pressing at the pub

Our second pressing at the Red Lion was a great success.  We pressed over 700 lbs / 300 kgs of apples picked from gardens and orchards in the village.

I checked this morning and Waitrose only had 8 varieties of apple for sale; the normal commercial crop and all perfectly formed. We had picked Blenheim Orange, St Cecilia, Cox's Orange Pippin, Charles Ross, Bramley's Seedling, Egremont Russet, Spartan, Ashmead Kernel, Lord Lambourne and Adam's Pearmain.

The under 8 football team had just finished their match at the rec so we had a whole team of enthusiastic boys with very muddy knees helping to make another batch of juice.  With the crusher and hydro press luckily it didn't take very long before they were filling bottles with juice to take home.