1 August 2016

Pressing Days

We decided that this year we will not have an Apple Day; we think it might be good as a biennial event. However we will have two Pressing Days in October; one at the village shop and one at the Red Lion.

Everyone can come along with their own apples, or their neighbour's or their friend's, and make their own apple juice.  It is great fun, especially for the children who really enjoy lobbing the apples into the crusher and seeing the juice flow out of the press.

Bring your own bottles or jugs or casks and take the juice home - all free!  The juice lasts for about 3 or 4 days in the fridge like milk and is great to freeze.

You can also taste over 10 different varieties of apple and pear - try apples you will never have heard of and will never see in the shops.

Watch this space for more details of dates for your diary.