3 January 2016

What a great wassail

This year we were treated to a Mummers Play in the new village orchard surrounded in a ring of fire.

Fair Molly and young Johnny Jack told the story of how good King George fought the evil Frenchman, Golden Delicious, and about the Doctor who treated the King's wounds so he could save another day - hooray!

Gunshot in each orchard and sticks for beating trees, cider and toast for the robins and plenty of noise. Finally fireworks and dances in the dark.  Atmosphere aplenty.

Amarleggan were just as amazing as ever.  Who knows what those people actually look like!  There is no way you could recognise them without the black.  The musicians and dancers performed in each of the three orchards ending with a spectacular fire dance in front of the Red Lion. Easily 180 people wassailed the trees - we will have a great harvest this year.