13 April 2015

Create your own tree

For some who didn't have their own apple tree or wanted to add a new one to their garden Paul Chilton gave a master class in grafting apple trees on Saturday.

He had collected scions from around the village as well as some from a friend in Wolvercote so we had a choice of about 20 different varieties.

Paul showed us three different techniques; one that would be carried out in the summer and two which would be done only in the winter when there was no sap in the scions (twigs).

Contributing £5 per tree we collected £40 for the orchard. We chose Lemon Pippin, Joybells, Chisel Jersey, D'Arcy Spice and Ribston Pippin

Richard Dudley splicing with the lethal knife 
Paul explaining the rootstock and the scions
Still doing the tricky bit