30 November 2014

What people have said

Congratulations to you and your team for what you have achieved with the orchard project.  These community things are just so special – particularly in this case – restoring an orchard to a village which was nothing but orchards 100 yrs ago.

I thought the whole project was just brilliant. I enjoyed being part of this community effort. Lets hope it will continue

What a joyful heart warming day and to see such commitment to the village, to the environment and to future generations is wonderful. Its what life should be about getting your boots filthy and getting dug in !!

I'd just like to echo the thanks and say a big "well done" to all. I hope no-ones feeling too stiff & sore tomorrow!

It was a great day and I, as a new villager, would like to say thanks to the group for all that has been achieved so far.

I was amazed how well – and especially how quickly – the planting went today. A huge amount was achieved so smoothly.