12 October 2014

Fab Apple Day

What a great day ! So many people said how much they enjoyed the day and how amazed they were with Paul's display of 72 varieties, the press and all the apples to taste.

How could the day have been such a success without Paul finding all those apples in hidden orchards and gardens around the village.  And this year's new events, the cakes and the children's games.  Hilary, your stall was an outright winner. 

So many visitors said how much the apple day was even better this year.  It keeps on growing and improving. 

I reckon that we had at least 300 people come along today.  Did anyone else make a rough estimate?

As ever people were amazed that the event was free and were then very generous.  We received £140 in the donation pots and last time I heard the press had already collected £80.  Is there any advance on this Doug?

It seems as if the orchard display did the trick.  I spoke to quite a lot of villagers who had followed the bunting down the footpath and were impressed with the orchard site.  It is clear that the orchard project has inspired people.  We had several new people join the group and quite a few were saying that they want to join in with the planting weekend.

Thank you so much everyone for making the day such a success and so much fun.  This is a special village and we have a very special group of people.