7 July 2014

Join the Orchard Group this autumn

At our stand at the fete we met with many villagers and visitors who are interested in joining the Orchard Group and helping to create the Community Orchard this autumn. 

Along with the enthusiastic people at the fete there are also the 127 villagers who said in the Parish CLP questionnaire that they also wanted to help with either time, expertise or a donation.

And there is plenty to do this autumn - picking, publicity, press, planning. 

Tasks will include:
  • arranging press coverage and publicity nationally, county wide and locally to promote the orchard
  • event planning for Apple Day, Planting Day and Wassail
  • coordinating hire of the village press
  • picking apples for pressing and tasting at Apple Day
  • seeking donations from local businesses and individuals
  • making bids to national funders
  • taking part in wildlife surveys
  • getting involved in seasonal maintenance of the orchard
  • help and advice with commissioning an information board for the orchard especially artwork

If you like the idea of being a part of this project please contact
Robert Field - 836275
Paul Chilton - 836661
Alison Bloomfield - 835408 or Jason Debney.