13 October 2013

What a great day!

So many braved the rain to come to Apple Day and it seems as if none were disappointed.  Paul Chilton's giant display was astounding! In the Red Lion garden Paul laid out a formal arrangement of 4 apples of each variety. People were fascinated and luckily, Paul was able to tell visitors about each of the 72 apples and 7 pears.  Quite a lot of people also brought some of their own apples to ask Paul to identify them.

Children loved making the juice.  They had a great time throwing apples into the crusher and then watching the pulp ooze out at the base.  It took no time at all to load the press and see the juice flowing. Each pressing was subtly different depending on what balance of dessert and cooking apples were added.  It was a bit chaotic but the juice was really fabulous; nothing like the juice you could try or buy in a shop this afternoon.  We had collected bottles in time for the day so we were able to give visitors plenty of samples of juice and apples to take home.

It was a free day and good fun.  So many people helped; Paul with his expertise and energy; Mark the landlord of the Red Lion; Robert Field and Doug Miles who own the village press and the army of other helpers too numerous to mention.