4 October 2013

The biggest display in Oxfordshire

It's official. The Brightwell cum Sotwell Apple Day on Sunday 13 October will showcase the BIGGEST display of heritage variety apples ever seen in Oxfordshire.

This giant display of 72 varieties has been put together by retired fruit farmer and apple expert, Paul Chilton. Over the past 3 years Paul has identified all 76 heritage apple varieties in the village and having prepared such impressive displays before in his professional life, his display at Apple Day will be formally arranged and identified.

If you have a tree in your garden and don't know what it is, bring along at least two apples and see if Paul can identify them for you and tell you a bit about them.

You will be amazed at the full collection of apples and pears.  The names of the varieties are vast and varied.  Some have names of the growers or town; some are descriptions of the look or taste of the fruit; and some names are evocative of customs and sayings of the past.

Come and have a look at the difference between:
people's names - Annie Elizabeth, James Grieve, George Cave, Ingrid Marie, Charles Ross, Lord Lambourne

and growers Laxton's Fortune, Miller's Seedling, Chiver's Delight, Ellison's Orange

and the Royalty - Edward VII, Lane's Prince Albert, Monarch, Empire

or towns or counties such as Blenheim Orange, Beauty of Bath, Norfolk Beefing, Orleans Reinette, Worcester Pearmain.