6 May 2013

A Village Orchard for the future

It all started with counting trees...

In 2009 a survey of all the fruit trees in Brightwell cum Sotwell recorded a total of about 400 fruit trees, 76 varieties of apple, remnants of old orchards still surviving in private gardens and an apple tree in the heart of the village estimated to be about 150 years old.

Following the success of the first Apple Day at the Red Lion in autumn 2009 it is clear that there is a great enthusiasm in the village for all things apple - picking, tasting, pressing, juice making, cider making, scrumping from hedgerows, looking after old orchards and planting new ones.

The Brightwell Village Orchard Group hopes to plant a new community orchard in the village for everyone to enjoy.

We hope other keen villagers will join the group to plan and plant. No skills are required, just enthusiasm and ideas.